Born and raised in a bilingual-bicultural environment in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Diana C. Holland has been interpreting for more than 4 decades. Prior to moving to the US in 1999, Diana worked for 15 years as a highly sought-after cross-cultural trainer, language instructor, and PR strategist. Once in Atlanta, GA, Diana worked as a Community Liaison for the Consulate of Argentina, where her community-building skills and business savvy contributed to doubling the 6-state jurisdiction’s Argentine citizen database. Additionally, Diana was unanimously voted Executive Vice President for the Atlanta Junior Chamber of Commerce, and earned several chapter awards. When Diana moved to Nashville in 2001, she immersed herself in the local community, holding office on the boards and advisory councils of several nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Memorably, Diana set up and ran the impactful and engaging arts nonprofit Tango Nashville, an initiative for which she received Nashville Business Journal’s prestigious Women of Influence Nonprofit Leadership award in 2007. Diana has a passion for facilitating communication and for contributing to the wellbeing of all those that cross her path. She defines her core skill as “weaving communities together”, a trait she has honed as a dialogue circle facilitator and trainer for more than 10 years, both in Nashville and in Los Angeles. A Spanish CMI and CHITM, Diana has interpreted in healthcare since 2007, and has trained beginner, intermediate and advanced medical interpreters, as well as other members of healthcare teams. Diana’s graduation this year from her Master of Arts in Psychological Studies has allowed her to broaden her understanding and engagement in both her interpreting and instructor abilities. When not interpreting or training, Diana enjoys meditative coloring, planter gardening, and going out on the town with friends to discover the wonders of the eclectic Nashville, her home in the US.
Fullname: Holland, Diana C
City: Nashville
State: Tennessee


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  Interpretation English Spanish  

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Federal Certification No
Medical Certification Yes
State Certification No
Registered Certification No
ATA Cetification No
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